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CovertCall Main Dashboard

Alert Management

This is the main window for CovertCall.  From Here you can select which type of alert you want to send.  Once you have selected an alert a "SEND ALERT" button will pop up along with the default alert message.


  1. Click on "Create Fire Alert" button
  2. The "Send Fire Alert" button pops up
  3. The Default alert message for Fire is displayed in ther warning message box.
  4. The default message can be used or added to or changed. 
  5. Click on the "Send Fire Alert" button to send out alert.
  6. An alert tone will play on all PC workstations running CovertCall to let people know that an alert has been initiated followed by a pre-recorded message for that alert.
  7. A Fire Alert Window will appear on all PC workstations running CovertCall that will include the warning message, Your Name, Your Location, and what building you are in.